Overall, 66% of negligent hiring trial cases result in jury awards averaging $600,000 in damages.

Human Resources Professionals have one very important function: To increase the value of their company by hiring the right people for the job.

The only way to predict the performance of a job candidate is to examine his or her past performance. There is no other way, and we are the premier practitioners. McAward - Cusanelli Associates, background investigation specialists since 1966, has been in the forefront of pre-employment investigations since the field gained relevance in the nineteen-sixties.

Since 1966, McAward - Cusanelli Associates, Inc. has earned the confidence of our clients by accurately providing the essential intelligence needed for managing and protecting their businesses effectively. And, this intelligence is obtained directly from the bureaus, courts, institutions, employers and various agencies involved.

Absolutely no databases are utilized, unless requested or required for a particular verification.

Our advanced technology ensures that corporate management and legal professionals obtain the information needed to deal with the problems in businesses today. Our network of experienced and highly trained investigators enables us to react quickly and effectively to the requirements of our clients. Have your background check - due diligence done by real licensed investigators and experience the difference of over four decades in the industry.

"We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by the high level of personal service and experience that we present to our clients."

- Craig J. Cusanelli, President

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45 Years in Business

In our 50+ years,
our experience has shown:

Almost a quarter of all job candidates falsify or hide some part of their background, education, employment history, or have credit or criminal histories that might negatively impact their new employment.

One out of three job applications and two out of three resumés contain inaccuracies that could affect the hiring decision.

Grossly overstated compensation is apparent in over 30% of cases investigated.

Subjective information is necessary to get a "feeling" for the candidate's performance.

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