Overall, 66% of negligent hiring trial cases result in jury awards averaging $600,000 in damages.

Our primary purpose during an investigation is to determine the accuracy of the candidate's statements and to draw a picture of past performance which will aid our client in making the correct hiring decision. We are here to assist, not to supplant, the Human Resource professional.

In order to assure compliance with our standards and to maintain direct contact with our clients, all reports are issued through our headquarters in New York City, regardless of the focus of the investigation.

We determine the veracity of the candidate's claims regarding:

  • Educational background
  • Job description
  • Performance
  • Salary
  • Employment continuity
  • Criminal record
  • Credit data

We interview former supervisors to determine:

  • Title
  • Duties / Responsibilities
  • Performance / Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Managerial abilities
  • Technical skills
  • Communication / Interpersonal / Organizational skills
  • Work habits / Attendance / Punctuality
  • Salary and bonus information
  • Eligibility for rehire
  • Reasons for leaving & recommendation information

As unbiased third parties, our work is professional and provides more accurate information for you, because:

  • Former employers and other sources are more candid. We have no vested interest in the candidate's hire. We are not influenced by political considerations. We have no personal contact with candidates. We never reveal the client's name without permission.
  • We are licensed private investigators, with many databases available to us, and sources all over the world. As professional interviewers, we are better able to overcome the obstacles that some candidates place in the path of an accurate reference check.
  • Our questioning techniques encourage and enable people to be candid with us... people who are otherwise constrained by policy or personal reasons.

We're always fair to the candidate, and observe rules of evidence to confirm serious discrepancies or allegations.

The Risks of "Negligent Hiring"

Much has been said about "negligent hiring." That's where your company can incur some expensive legal costs.

A well-known car rental company hired a security guard for one of their employee parking areas, to escort workers to their cars in the late hours of the day. He raped a worker and subsequent investigation revealed that he had a criminal record Involving rape and armed robbery. His former employer knew about the record, and had fired him for a lesser infraction, but never revealed it, preferring to "pass him on" in the words of one of his former supervisors.

They claimed that they were under no obligation to reveal the criminal record, especially since they weren't asked about the possibility. All they did was provide dates of employment and job description.

The resulting brouhaha meant a $7,000,000 pay­out to the victim and a subsequent suit with a similar payout.

This is a notorious case, but one of many that happen every year. 90% of them could have been avoided, had former employers been properly questioned and not hamstrung by a short-sighted corporate policy that prevents the free flow of information. The policy of providing only name, rank and dates of employment was short-sighted and proved to be very expensive for all parties. We urge all of our clients to be forthcoming when asked about a former employee.